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2016 Now Divided Into Several Pages

clickIn 2016, I noticed a remarkable fact about the entire MH370 mystery. I call it the Penang Diversion. When Captain Shah turned 'left' at the inflection point, he did not steer the aircraft due west. Instead, he made an obvious and deliberate diversion some degrees southwest to fly around his home city of Penang before heading north/northwest again. This calls all theories (including my own) into question. Because of the overflow of information on the 2016 page, I have divided this 2016 folder into several pages (navigate by the following numbers). You are currently on the main page, designated 2016.

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Eventful Second Anniversary Year

I have broken the original 2016 page into eight (the original, which you are reading, and seven 'plus' pages). You can track from the beginning of the year at Page +1 to the end at Page +7 by clicking the boldly numbered beige squares in a row above.

Astounding Little Detail: Penang Diversion. It may be nothing, or it may be everything. As noted in the yellow insert above, Captain Shah, while presumably still at the helm of his aircraft, did not fly directly westward at the inflection point over water, almost halfway between Malaysia and Vietnam. Instead, he flew at a sharp compass vector southwest about 45 degrees. It is impossible to overlook the fact that he flew closely around his home city of Penang, and then headed about as sharply northwest toward a point that almost suggests the same parallel of latitude as the inflection point. This segment of the flight took exactly one hour (from 17:22 UTC to 18:22 UTC). Then the plane went off the RADAR. The saga of MH370 presents us with mysteries within mysteries.

Quick Recap

MH370 Mystery: Three Legs or Lemmas In all the speculation, it appears to me that there are three major families of explanations. I have a little room to do chalk boarding here, now that I have moved most of the text to the seven plus-pages, so here goes. The first two of these lemmas have been widely discussed. The last, Lemma 3, has been dismissed and ignored—and I say "Not so fast!" It's not about promoting some crazy conspiracy theory. It's about fairly, honestly, logically, and intelligently spreading all the options on the table before us, and considering each with an open mind. I'm not promoting any theory whatsoever. I'm asking the world to just be honest and logical. Please note: I have not assigned probability ratings to any of them, but given that authorities have tended to dismiss the accident theory (Lemma 1), Lemmata 1 and 2 seem more strongly weighted. So here goes:

Lemma 1: Accident. This idea has been largely dismissed because of so many things going wrong all at once that authorities seem to have discounted the probability. It's not impossible.

Lemma 2: Sabotage. There are many examples, but one would be if Captain Shah or someone else on board acted upon a suicidal ideation. Amazingly, in the same time frame, we have the horrific situation of a flight over the Alps. That's the 24 March 2015 case of Germanwings Flight 9525. Young co-pilot Andreas Lubitz killed himself, five fellow crew including the captain (pilot), and 144 passengers by deliberately crashing a good Airbus 310-211 into the French Alps. He had been diagnosed as suicidal by doctors, but managed to hide his condition from Lufthansa, the owner and operator of Germanwings. There have been other stories like that, so Lemma 2 is not out of the question. Captain Shah's Penang Diversion raises new speculations, along with information related by CNN aviation analyst Richard Quest (link can be found at Page +4 clickable above).

Lemma 3: Hijack. In my dramatization, treated as a novel, I exhaustively explored at least one series of key events during the night of 8 March 2014 whereby the plane could have been hijacked, refueled in the Andaman Sea(let's say, for argument's sake) while disposing of all passengers, and flown on a course toward the Horn of Africa (the world's most lawless region). There (I have not been the only one to speculate) why go to all that trouble if you're not going do something dramatic? There were several Iranians on board whose flights had been booked under suspicious circumstances (let's ignore the usual lies coming from places like Tehran and Karachi, the safe haven of bin Laden at Abbottabad). Upon further reflection, it grew on me by 2016 that this was not a lone wolf or stray nut operation. Consider the mass murder by pseudo-religious haters and psychos involving 9/11, which was a carefully orchestrated operation involving bin Laden and a horde of his operatives in a sophisticated plan whose tracks may yet lead to the higheer levels of governments the U.S. and other West-oriented nations have wishfully and naïvely considered neutral and friends. We would be complete fools to discount the full range of possibilities inherent in Lemma 3.

Ancient Chinese Curse: May You Live in Interesting Times

At a time (March 2019) when our national government appears to be compromised on all levels, our economy is increasingly owned and operated by foreigners who own ever more investor stakes in our corporations, and we are fed a continual stream of self-delusion by corporate media, it is time to wake up. A closer look at the mystery of MH370 is certainly what the doctor has ordered. I draw no conclusions. I merely make suggestions, as I have done with this particular missing aircraft case.

2016 Folder:

Mystery of Vanished Flight MH370

"Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."

= A Novel and Thought Experiment by John T. Cullen =

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All editions (Amazon and B&N, 2014 and 2016) have a long, detailed introduction that refreshes us through 8 March 2016. Already, as of 12 March 2016, news sources report new debris finds in Africa, strengthening the author's Africa Gambit (Lemma 3, Hijack with malicious intent).