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Two Relevant News Items on 3 April 2016.

Did I mention corruption in Maldives & Malaysia? Luxemburger Wort reports a breaking story from Agence France Presse: (AFP) Luxembourg on Thursday launched a money laundering probe linked to a corruption scandal embroiling Malaysian Premier Najib Razak who is accused of using money in a state-run fund for his own purposes. In my updates, including the new preface to Lemma 3, I voiced the opinion that the govts of Malaysia and Maldives are obviously corrupt on many levels, and could not be relied upon when they dismissed reported Maldives sightings of MH370. What should be dismissed are the dismissals and the dismissers.

Africa Shocker #4—Theory Ever More Likely. On Saturday 2 April 2016, according to CNN, officials on Mauritius report the find of yet more debris that may be from MH370. As I explained in the 8 Mar 2016 new preface to Lemma 3, we know the plane crashed. I believe it most likely crashed into the sea west of Maldives, flying slowly, so that the wings were sheared off while the fuselage sank intact. This is why we are most likely to see wing debris, as has been the case.

Africa Never Stops #4—Not Just Coincidence. On 23 March 2016, CNN reported the discovery of another possible MH370 component, this time in South Africa. Authorities will ignore my theory as long as possible to pursue their elusive Western Australia notion. Yes, everything is still on the table. Lemma 3 is still a theory, not a fact. However, it is being utterly ignored, rather strange for the only plausible explanation of the mystery. Again, it fits my theory perfectly. If this is MH370, the part is identified as part of an engine cowling, which is wing debris. My theory suggests that the plane went down west of Maldives, with the wings shorn off, while the fuselage sank intact. Studies of currents show this scenario is entirely plausible. See my second anniversary book Lemma 3: Africa Gambit or visit Clocktower Books for the full history of my reporting on this fascinating aviation mystery.

Africa Shocker #3—Theory Ever More Likely. On 12 March 2016, authorities announced that yet another part most likely from vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was found in January on a Mozambique beach in Africa.

Africa Shocker Again—Theory More and More Likely. On 2 March 2016, another part that can only be from vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 washed ashore on a sand bar off Mozambique, in southeastern Africa. This is on the other side of Madagascar, where in 2015 the aircraft's wing flaperon was found on a beach on Reunion Island. When I published my thought experiment Vanished Flight 777 in 2014, I proposed a likely scenario: namely, that Muslim terrorists had hijacked the plane, killed the passengers, and were flying it toward Africa after refueling in the Bay of Bengal. All the details in my novel (a thought experiment) continue to line up perfectly. My scenario (Lemma 3: Hijack to Weaponize) remains strong as ever. We now understand the plane never made it to Africa. It was in trouble when two reliable sources (debunked by a shaky and chaotic government beset by corruption, violence, coups, and Muslim extremism) reported seeing the aircraft flying west over Maldives. The witnesses (a school teacher and a wealthy fishing boat owner) were reliable; the government wasn't. My proposition has long been that the hijackers were not able to repressurize the fuselage, and may also have had engine trouble, perhaps due to bad fuel taken on in the Bay of Bengal. The hijackers had to ditch in the Indian Ocean, where the plane's remains will be found at the bottom. I believe the fuselage is still intact, but the wings sheared off, which is why the only debris found so far is wing debris. Stop wasting time and money on a pointless and doomed search off western Australia and start looking west of Maldives. The ocean gyre in the Indian Ocean supports my theory as well, now more than ever with the find in Mozambique.