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2 Nov 2016: Circumstantial Claim; No Trace Yet of Crash Site

2 Nov 2016: Authorities Obviously Desperate. In various media reports (e.g. see BBC) or (see CNN) "…Despite an extensive search no trace of the plane's fuselage has been found. But the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said analysis of two recovered wing flaps showed they were not in the landing position when the plane went down in the Indian Ocean. Satellite data also indicated a "high and increasing rate of descent", said the report. "You can draw your own conclusions as to whether that means someone was in control or not," the ATSB's search director Peter Foley told reporters…"

Okay; I'm drawing my own conclusions; thanks. In my opinion, until authorities can prove their shaky Lemma 2 case (that the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean west of Australia), they will be unable to prove anything whatsoever. This report again, as we approach the two and a half year mark since MH370's disappearance, offers at best speculation. My Lemma 3 proposes that (perhaps) the black boxes were removed in the Bay of Bengal (see my book) and flown south on a decoy craft. The premise of Lemma 3 is that the plane was hijacked for the express purpose of flying it to Africa after refueling in the Bay of Bengal; weaponizing it, most likely in the lawless Horn of Africa (a short and direct flight path from Maldives, folks, hello?), and then dropping it on some horrifyingly cruel target like (oh, let's say) Saint Peter's in Rome, a headquarters of Christianity that these vermin hate so much. As I point out below, it is likely that positioning of regional governments versus the West is a likely root cause, rather than some conveniently turbaned escapees from medieval nut houses; they are likely a distraction. Look to Tehran or Islamabad and similar capitals of relative ambivalence; try the Emirates or Saudi Arabia, where some of the official billionaires hate Israel and the West far more than they love Western oil money (on which they spit with contempt, and use it not only to finance their surreptitious bordellos and bars in London or Paris, but to funnel into terrorist coffers, out of sheer cynicism).

Regional Governments Involved in Plot? I'm more inclined than ever to suspect this was a very sophisticated operation (which went wrong) planned by a major state (like Iran or Pakistan) with baked-in terrorist connections plus means, motive, and suspicious presence (two Iranian men on board with stolen passports). We should dismiss the statements of corrupt governments like those of Maldives and Malaysia, which have been shaken up in the meantime, and which have strong Muslim cultures, putting their objectivity in question in a matter like this. Investigating oneself, and finding oneself innocent, is always a hollow ploy. A real investigator questions everything; nothing is off the table; and that has not been the operating M.O. of Australian, U.S., and other Western governments in this case.

Shaky Ploys; How Naïve Are We Really? That's not Islamophobia but pragmatic realism, based on nearly half a century of continual plots and attacks starting with Munich 1972, and let's not forget 11 September 2001. If you believe that this endless string of West-hating mass murders (e.g. Orlando, Florida 2016, one of many) is being perpetrated by a few small-time nuts, you are naïve. Some of these attacks must be assumed to have the fingerprints of regional governments on them. Why do you think U.S. forces had to invade the military capital of Pakistan to remove Osama bin Laden (Abbottabad, Pakistan, on May 2, 2011), the accused mastermind of 9-11. It is simply impossible that the generals and colonels of the Pakistani armed forces and intelligence services, living next door to bin Laden's enormous walled compound, had no idea who was inside there. Again, you have to be terribly naïve; and/or a gullible kangaroo.

Wing Flaps, Shming Flaps. The statement "recovered wing flaps showed they were not in the landing position when the plane went down" fits 100% with my scenario that the plane was being flown by terrorists, was in trouble and flying low over Maldives (seen by reliable witnesses), and unintentionally crashed into the sea with the flaps straight. Sadly, the vested interests in Australia and other involved nations still do not see fit to look at all proposed scenarios. Look here: if their proposed crash scenario off Western Australia had any credibility, they'd have found at least one tiny shred in that area, after about thirty months and hundreds of millions of dollars spent searching. They have not found the singlest, tiniest shred of the MH370 fuselage, because the plane did not go down anywhere near Australia. As I have shown, oceanic drift patterns from Australia versus those from the northern Indian Ocean west of Maldives would have delivered the same materials, which have been found, in about the same time and places.

Being Reasonable. I'm always prepared to be wrong or right, which is the point of my insistence on keeping all options on the table. My Lemma 3 is a thought experiment, not a conspiracy theory. So far, my Lemma 3 stands strong because nobody has proven a shred of evidence to the contrary. One of my major points is that, if they could prove MH370 crashed off western Australia, it would likely make Lemma 3 go away. So far, Lemma 3 remains the most plausible and powerful option on the table. To get from A to Z, you have to be an objective, intelligent thinker with an open mind—a quality as much missing in this case as the fuselage and major wreckage of MH370. Hello, ATSB? The lights are on, but nobody is home.