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Missing Airliner MH370: Latest Updates

Predicted in my 2014 Dramatization Vanished: Flight 777

Updated 2016 in MH370 Lemma 3 (Africa Gambit)

Lemma 3=Africa Gambit: You Heard It Here First


NOTE 9 Mar 2019. My last significant update was in October 2017, which is now almost a year and a half ago. I have moved the index page, frozen around October 2017, to replace the 2018 page. Starting 2019, there will be no annual updates. For 2019, I have some notes on the fifth anniversary (March 2019). After that, all updates will be on the 2020 page, which refers not to a year (2020) but to a vision (20/20) that is sorely lacking in all too many matters around the globe as we fly through Blade Runner Year 2019 and on into the future.

Final Update Reported 3 October 2017 NPR—see also my 2017 update page. Prediction: it's not over. They only had to spend about $12.00 to read my book and probably would have had their answer.

ATSB. (My update: 4 Feb 2017). See also the website of the Australian Transportation Safety Board for their official updates. Parts of their website are out of date (or do not carry a date at all) and do not seem to be regularly maintained. Here is their most recently posted Operational Update as of 11 January 2017 (six days before the announcement of 17 Jan 2017 apparently canceling the search): "This operational report has been developed to provide regular updates on the progress of the search effort for MH370. Our work will continue to be thorough and methodical, so sometimes weekly progress may seem slow. Please be assured that work is continuing and is aimed at finding MH370 as quickly as possible." This observer's impression is one of a lack of coordination and focus by ATSB, based overall on their website, which then leads to shaky inferences about the lack of results, which in turn makes one wonder about the overall search itself. While noting contradictory seeming updates of 22 July 2016, the overall site fails to offer certitude or assurance. Many items on various pages are not dated, so we don't know to which year or month they refer. How does this address survivor/family anguish and the world's need for a definitive answer?

FINALLY: Giving Up Search for MH370

Answer Decades in Future if Ever, Say Investigators

Answer Most Likely Found On This Website, Says Author

17 Jan 2017 ATSB Says: We Give Up. According to a joint statement from Chinese, Australian, and Malaysian officials (see: CNN and BBC), "The underwater search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been suspended nearly three years after the plane vanished without a trace over the Indian Ocean." I developed a theory about this mystery, and published the first of two books about it in June 2014, barely three months after the disappearance. The authorities have failed in their efforts, while my theory is stronger than ever. I need to share this with responsible Western authorities so we can avoid another 9/11 or worse.

Look For The Wreckage Between India and the Horn of Africa. I've been suggesting this for nearly three years now. All the info and reasoning are in my two books and two websites, accessible from this page. P.S.: We still need to explain my spectacular analysis of Captain Shah's Penang Diversion (see below). This is another of many Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight (SHIPS). Yes, Penang was his home city. For some reason, he managed to fly over Penang and maybe give a waggle of the wings before vanishing forever, mysteriously, into the fog of time and history. ADDED (17 Jan 2017): Using satellite flyover analysis, look for signs of a covert terrorist base with long landing strip in the Horn of Africa (a long shot, but perhaps easier than plumbing the mixed Indian Ocean bottom terrain in that region).

They Never Considered All The Obvious Evidence. That is my response to this amazing multi-year boondoggle costing hundreds of millions of dollars, wasted time, and lost hope (especially for bereaved families who are still looking for answers). In June 2014, having studied all the information available in the press, and doing my own research on current drift patterns, geography, and other factors, I published a book (dramatized as fiction, but containing the core of my ideas) on 5 June 2014. That's a little over two months after MH370 vanished without a trace. I followed up in March 2016 with an updated edition at the two year anniversary mark. Both books are still on sale, and will remain so.

Two Books, Two Sites. The 2014 book is Vanished: Flight 777, which I purposely titled by the aircraft type (Boeing 777 ER, Extended Range) rather than the flight number (MH370) to avoid joining the predictable gyre of sensationalist garbage in the media. The 2016 book is titled Lemma 3: MH370 Solution (Africa Gambit) and contains the text of the 2014 edition plus a long, new preface with new ideas and findings. I have been doing online updates on this site since mid-2015. Earlier website info is to be found at the Clocktower Books (divided into years 2014, 2015, and 2016 before I totally moved updates to this site in 2016).

In a proper, scholarly manner, I laid out the odds for three major families of outcomes. Lemma (Given or Leg) 1, it was an accident; Lemma 2, it was pilot suicide; Lemma 3, it was a purposeful hijack orchestrated by more than just a few casual nut jobs. The first two lemmas or legs are easily discarded, even with the strange Penang diversion noted here, and the recent revelation that (not unexpectedly) Captain Shah had been practicing on his home computer (possibly hacked by the same intelligence services who orchestrated the failed mission). The idea for a horrific, 9-11 type strike on a major Western target was too complex for simple-minded, wide-eyed amateur fanatics. It was probably developed by highly sophisticated intelligence services hostile to the West, in nations like Pakistan, Iran, or tquite likely some of our f(r)iends in the Arabian Peninsula; and now it's looking more likely than ever that we should take a hard look at ambitious, crafty Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (a very talented former KGB chieftain whose hand even turned up in the rigged selection of U.S. buffoon Donald Trump). Tell me again that you want to rule out Putin and these other players.

One also must not rule out collusion with corrupt, Muslim dominated governments in Malaysia and Maldives (which were soon after the MH370 disappearance shaken by internal chaos and corruption). You can read my story in detail, but here are quick highlights. I suggest in Lemma 3 that the passengers were murdered early on by purposeful decompression; the plane was refueled in the Bay of Bengal; and flown westward with a full fuel load (which it did not have for the intended run from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing; but the mission failed because of mechanical problems (probably including fuel icing and inability to repressurize the main cabin areas) with the result that the plane went down in the northern Indian Ocean west of Maldives. It was on its way to the Horn of Africa to be refitted as a flying bomb, and intended to make a one to two hour flight into Europe or the Middle East to catastrophically annihilate a significant propaganda target either in Israel or, let's say, St. Peter's in Rome. It is entirely possible that the governments orchestrating this outrage faked the flight southward, perhaps by loading flight instruments from MH370 onto a decoy jet.

No Smoking Gun Either Way. Had the mission succeeded, the responsible manipulators sitting behind the scenes would not have publicly acknowledged their triumph. Instead, in masterful fashion, they would have let the usual wild-eyed fanatics take both credit and blame, but their objective would have been fulfilled: to humiliate the West in the eyes of billions of Third World citizens who would then be more sympathetic to primitive, brutal, violent, and tyrannical ideas rather than Western philosophies of tolerance and equality (even with our many failings, way better than those of 7th Century warlords). As it turned out, the MH370 hijack failed, but the real manipulators behind the scenes are just as safe in either case by staying mum. It's a win-win for them. Let's find out who they are, and stop them from trying again.

So How Do The Odds Look Now? Being a cautious man, I never commit 100% to anything unless I see a smoking gun (so to speak). I gave it a neat 33% or better that Lemma 3 was the correct answer. Mind you, Lemma 3 is not my theory. My theory is a comprehensive one, taking all possible outcomes in to account, and assigning the best possible statistical values from data at hand. By 2015, pieces were washing up on African shores, a strong indication that maybe Lemma 3 was the correct family of outcomes. I studied the drift patterns—documented in my book, and on this website; click for drift maps).

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Mystery of Vanished Flight MH370

"Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."

= Dramatization (as a Novel) & Thought Experiment =

Lemma 3: MH370 Theory and Plausible Solution, Africa Gambit

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Amazon Kindle Edition:  Lemma 3 - MH370 Solution: Updated Edition with 2016 Second Anniverary Introduction - Africa Gambit Theory Stronger Than Ever

Amazon Print Edition:  Lemma 3: MH370 Solution: New 2nd Anniversary Update (8 March 2016 Introduction with Complete text of 2014 novel Vanished Flight 777 w

Print Edition can be ordered from Barnes & Noble online or in stores:  Click to view on B&N website. This is the 2014 edition, titled Vanished: Flight 777 updated with the identical text as the 2016 second anniversary edition. Same book, first edition cover.

All editions (Amazon and B&N, 2014 and 2016) have a long, detailed introduction that refreshes us through 8 March 2016. Already, as of 12 March 2016, news sources report new debris finds in Africa, strengthening the author's Africa Gambit (Lemma 3, Hijack with malicious intent).


(continued) Bottom line on drift studies: the debris washing up in Africa could just as likely have come from the northeastern Indian Ocean as from the southwestern Indian Ocean. Result: a tie, until recently when not a shred of evidence has emerged on the southwestern scenario, meaning it's virtually ruled out now; whereas the northeastern solution (Lemma 3: Africa Gambit) is more wide open than ever. I'm not closing the door on anything; I am simply keeping all doors open, something the authorities have failed to do.

I gave it a 50/50 that, just limiting ourselves to the drift map analysis, either the debris came from the west coast off Australia in the southern Indian Ocean; or the debris came from the Lemma 3 sea crash between India and Africa. Now, finally, there has not been a single shred of debris located where the authorities were looking. And of course they didn't look where I suggested, so it may be too late. I submit that, had the plane gone down where they said, they must have found at least some tiny shred; but they came up with absolutely zilch. Had they found a diaper, a cigarette pack, a floating coffee cup, or a labeled aircraft part, I would have taken this website down and moved on to other things (which I have anyway, because I always have a dozen or more major projects going on related to my book publishing). However, because they found nothing, I will continue to invite reasonable people to consider my thoughts on this website, as well as the Clocktower Books website (see links at right), and the suggestions I have laid out in my two books. For now I rest my case.

Beware. My one important suggestion is that, since the likelihood of a sophisticated but failed intelligence operation is now greater than ever, let's grow a brain and be more open minded to all the evidence, not just what some corrupt, tinpot Third World dictators want us to believe. The failure of leadership in Malaysia alone is most likely not entirely (or at all) because of some fanatical anti-Western hatred. More likely it comes from an Asiatic culture of denial at any cost to save face. The statements made by reliable witnesses in Maldives, who saw the crippled aircraft flying overhead loudly and low in the sky, were dismissed because their observations were, well, inconvenient. They might have somehow been misinterpreted as saying there was incompetence on their governments' parts (Malaysian Airlines being seen as a national carrier), when in fact any actual lameness stemmed from official dishonesty. There was no real incompetence on anyone's part; it was a hijack by sophisticated intelligence services—including, possibly, the same Pakistani generals who kept Osama bin Laden hidden in plain sight among their own villas for several years until U.S. military agents, at the direction of President Barack Obama, raided their backyard and took out the terrorist who orchestrated 9-11 and soon afterward was on viral video, gloating and laughing about his mass murder. Folks, what we have is a world war in progess— not so much of ideas as of emotions. The ignorance, hatred, and manipulation bringing us to a state of global instability are very powerful forces and we'll have to reckon with our own failure to contain the menace—all too soon.