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Missing Airliner MH370

Greatest Modern Aviation Mystery Solutions?

just the facts, please - and all the options, not just a chosen few

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Welcome: 2019 Preface

My Analysis: Consider All The Facts, Not Just a Chosen Few. As I explain on these pages, which I have been updating as needed since Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 vanished on 8 March 2014, I propose three major families of possible causes of aviation's greatest modern mystery (not to mention a tragedy involving hundreds of passengers and crew, plus their grieving families).

I'm not a conspiracy nut but a responsible, thoughful scholar, essayist, journalist, and history buff. My interest is not to support one theory, but to fairly and honestly consider the whole spectrum. I would normally never write about a subject like this (I have lots else to do), but something in the coverage and analysis from the very beginning in 2014 struck me as wrong, inadequate, and frankly half-ass on too many counts. I do have a pet theory, which is strongly supported by the facts, which is that the plane was hijacked in a sophisticated operation with major malicious intent, organized by some of the West's both fanatical and opportunistic enemies. My interest is not in pointing fingers, but to sift through the facts and let the facts speak for themselves.

My Theory in a Nutshell. As you will find, if you read these pages and my two books, there are three major sets of possibilities regarding the mystery of why Flight MH370 vanished without a trace, and is today still lost without a trace. It's the biggest mystery in aviation history, beside maybe the vanishing of Amelia Earhart in 1937. I believe authorities have avoided pursuing the third of the major lemmas or legs (families of possibilities) in the MH370 case. I discuss all this in detail on this website.

The three lemmas are: (1) accident; (2) sabotage by a lone nut; (3) hijack with criminal intent. Based on some reliable sightings off the Maldives Islands near India that same night, I began digging into the facts and came up with a lot of interesting facts supporting Lemma 3 (the one that has been ignored). Mind you, not a trace of the plane has been found anywhere near the location where Australian and other authorities have insisted the craft went down. I happen to think it was hijacked by sophisticated state terrorists, to be flown to Africa and weaponized, and then dropped on a West-oriented (modern, civilized) target of opportunity to create a horror story at least as terrifying as 9/11. However, we know the plane went down in the Indian Ocean, and as I predicted based on tidal and current drifts in the Indian Ocean, parts began floating ashore off East Africa and nearby islands in 2016.

In June 2014, intrigued by the inconsistencies and odd facts, I published my own analysis in a book titled Vanished Flight 777: A Suspense Thriller and Thought Experiment Based on the True Story of Flight 370 in March 2014.

I was very careful not to use the aircraft's designation (MH370) in the main title or on the book cover, to avoid being lumped in with the usual rabble of conspiracy nuts and opportunists. My analysis is careful, scholarly (I have three college degrees including an MSBA from Boston University), journalistic (I am a trained and experienced responsible reporter and essayist), and an author who treasures his integrity. My book, like some of my other nonfiction, received interested notice from certain professional quarters, yet also languished in the public arena. What else is new? Nothing about the latter takes anything away from the value of my work.

The 2014 book has a nice cover I hope you'll look at. The update is Lemma 3, seen in the right column. That's the one I recommend buying if you wish. Has the same text, with the addition of a long 2016 Preface that tells of discoveries in the two intervening years. By reading all the material on this website, you'll learn a lot, but there is no substitute for reading the book itself.

I tend to pursue my projects with energy and passion, and I am used to ignoring being ignored (WTF?), so in June 2016 I published a second anniversary edition under the title Lemma 3 - MH370 Solution: Updated Edition with 2016 Second Anniverary Introduction - Africa Gambit Theory Stronger Than Ever. This book contains the same text, but with a long 2016 Preface. By that time, the authorities in Australia had spent vast sums of money and human hours for nothing, since no trace of any wreckage was found anywhere near where they expected to find it (off the western coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean). I cannot recap the whole story on this introductory page, so if you are interested, feel free (and thank you) to read all the material I have compiled here including many interesting media and historical links. Happy reading!


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Mystery of Vanished Flight MH370

*Tracking: No longer tracking by years as before. Now tracking 20/20 or 2020, the Vision Tzing. All updates as of March 2019 (fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370) will be added on this 2020 page. (JTC)

"Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."

= Dramatization (as a Novel) & Thought Experiment =

Lemma 3: MH370 Theory and Plausible Solution, Africa Gambit

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Amazon Kindle Edition:  Lemma 3 - MH370 Solution: Updated Edition with 2016 Second Anniverary Introduction - Africa Gambit Theory Stronger Than Ever

Amazon Print Edition:  Lemma 3: MH370 Solution: New 2nd Anniversary Update (8 March 2016 Introduction with Complete text of 2014 novel Vanished Flight 777 w

Print Edition can be ordered from Barnes & Noble online or in stores:  Click to view on B&N website. This is the 2014 edition, titled Vanished: Flight 777 updated with the identical text as the 2016 second anniversary edition. Same book, first edition cover.

All editions (Amazon and B&N, 2014 and 2016) have a long, detailed introduction that refreshes us through 8 March 2016. Already, as of 12 March 2016, news sources report new debris finds in Africa, strengthening the author's Africa Gambit (Lemma 3, Hijack with malicious intent).