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About This Project

Author John T. Cullen's Comprehensive Theory (Including Lemma 3)


John T. Cullen, BA, BBA, MSBA (Boston University), author of 40+ books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, more at bioNew Introduction 9 March 2019. I'm reorganizing this website and project at the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. What I most want to say at this moment is that, in reviewing my interest in this matter over the past five years, something back in June 2014 triggered a special curiosity in me. I am not, emphatically not, a conspiracy theorist or chaser after half-baked causes. Rather, I have three college degrees and am quite able to understand and pursue rigorous, honest research in an objective, logical manner. I am also a trained journalist, having been a fledgling newspaper reporter on a metropolitan daily (in a major New England city) in my youth while in college. I tend to be cautious, try to weigh all sides for their relative merits, and write very thoughtfully. I avoid sensationalism, so for example I titled my 2014 book using the term Flight 777 rather than Flight MH370 to avoid the spate of tawdry, half-baked conspiracy twaddle that was sure to ensue. I had already encountered busloads of malevolent, pizza-eyed circus clowns while writing a scholarly, history-based analysis of the 1892 true crime at the Hotel del Coronado (see: Coronado Mystery), so my avoidance of sensationalism and tabloid journalism was founded on solid experience.

What grabbed my attention back in 2014 was a whiff (nay, an overpoweringly strong stench) of dishonesty in the treatment of this story, primarily by regional governments in the region, and also by West-oriented governments like Australia, which should have known better to fall for gaslighting. In a nutshell, I found the governments of Malaysia, China, Maldives, and a few others to be suspect (read: untrustworthy) for a variety of possible reasons. I felt then, and still feel, that the West-oriented governments, particularly Australia which took the lead in search operations, operated without a sufficiently objective, all-encompassing overview. Their technical analysis was strong, though the final proof of the pudding lies in the fact that years of searching failed to reveal a single shred of debris anywhere near the western coast of Australia. Had they turned up as simple a thing as a floating paper cup traceable to MH370, I would have avoided all the work I have done here. When debris turned up near the African coast and islands, that result fits 100% as much with my theory as it supports the (obviously now known to be false) theory about a crash in the ocean off Australia. I don't see that all the angles and possibilities were ever really considered by the West-oriented governments, possibly in deference to the obviously corrupt, untrustworthy regimes who offered input to them, quite strongly suspect for various sectarian, political, and similar vested reasons. My fundamental thesis is that Lemma One (accident) and Lemma 2 (isolated sabotage by criminal or mentally ill individual) were examined, but that Lemma 3 (hijack by skilled operatives for political purpose, like weaponizing the aircraft for a 9/11 type attack on the hated West) was mysteriously ignored. Add to that the cacophony of opportunists, conspiracy nuts, and shysters trying to cash in with phony books, and you have a recipe for nothing but fallen cakes. I will leave this story on the back burner for now, but continue to post salient updates as they appear in mainstream West-oriented media.

Original Comments: About My MH370 Project. I work as an author, publisher, and independent scholar on a variety of projects that catch my interest. On 8 March 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared seemingly without a trace on a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China. I read the press coverage with interest, noting the reliable witness statements from Maldives (island chain southwest of India) claiming to have seen the plane heading west. A school teacher and a fishing boat captain clearly described seing a large passenger airliner with Malaysian Airlines colors (red and white) in trouble, heading west (which would be in the direction of Africa) flying low and unusually loud overhead. These witnesses were discounted by Maldives and Malaysian authorities, who preferred to run with a technologically based theory that the plane had flown south and probably crashed into the southeastern Indian Ocean off the western coast of Australia.

Africa Gambit. I developed a theory about this mystery, and published the first of two books about it in June 2014, barely three months after the disappearance. My theory involves a plot to hijack the plane, fly it to Africa, weaponize it as a flying bomb, and hit a target of horrific significance. The authorities have failed in their efforts, while my theory is stronger than ever. I wish I were wrong. I need to share this with responsible Western authorities so we can avoid another 9/11 or worse.

Over a year later, in 2015, pieces of the plane began washing on shore thousands of miles away in Africa. In January 2017, these authorities announced the end of their fruitless search, which yielded not a single shred of evidence that MH370 ever crashed near Australia. My suggestion, which is equanimously verified by drift pattern analysis in the Indian Ocean, is that it crashed between Maldives and the Horn of Africa on a mission to weaponize for another 9/11 type event. I offer detailed analsysis in my book(s) and website.

Fair Warning. People have a natural tendency to dismiss out of hand whatever does not meet their information bias (a recognized psychology term, useful in information warfare as well as industry). Whatever you may wish to think, the West cannot ignore even a possibility that my Lemma 3 is the correct solution. on a separate note, given alleged Russian hacking that allegedly influenced the 2016 U.S. presidential election, it is within the realm of possibility that the Russian downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine on 17 July 2014 had some dark connection. The two incidents are about four months apart, with various connections including a Kuala Lumpur base of origin. This is not to say they were connected, but a sensible intelligence analysis would not wildly rule it out, as was done with the Maldives witnesses.

Corruption, Violence, Scandal, Ulterior Motives. The Maldives and Malaysian authorities who dismissed those witnesses have been mired in their separate, national-level morasses of violence and corruption, so their credibility level should be labeled 'suspect.' Among other things, face saving might have contributed to their kneejerk rejection of witness statements. Whatever the truth may be, all facts have to remain on the table. That is my fundamental complaint about how Australia, the U.S., and other authorities failed to properly investigate the total breadth of this case.

Reasonable Doubt. I am not conspiracy minded in the common sense of anti-government paranoia and so forth. A number of aspects about the vanishing of this airliner with 239 souls on board, and the subsequent investigation, struck me as deficient. As I write this page, it is January 2017, nearly three years after the disappearance, and authorities led by Australia (with official Chinese and Malaysian underwriting) have effectively closed their futile search near Australia. In June 2014, I published a comprehensive analysis titled Vanished: Flight 777. In my title, I eschewed using the flight number, but instead used the aircraft model (Boeing 777 ER) to avoid being part of the inevitable swirl of opportunistic garbage in the media, which is one reason my book has not received the attention it should. In the book, I laid out three broad possibilities or Lemmas, as I call them (Givens, or Legs): (1) accident; (2) casual hijack or other in-the-moment intervention, including pilot suicide as in the case of GermanWings Flight 9525 on 24 March 2015 in the Alps; or (3) hijack with intent to weaponize and drop on a significant Western or Israeli target 9-11 fashion to further one (or several intertwined) radical, anti-Western agendas. I published an updated edition titled MH370 Lemma 3: Africa Gambit on the second anniversary (March 2016) of the disappearance—see info at right.


"Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty."

Motto of NORAD on the DEW Line during Cold War*

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Amazon Kindle Edition:  Lemma 3 - MH370 Solution: Updated Edition with 2016 Second Anniverary Introduction - Africa Gambit Theory Stronger Than Ever

Amazon Print Edition:  Lemma 3: MH370 Solution: New 2nd Anniversary Update (8 March 2016 Introduction with Complete text of 2014 novel Vanished Flight 777

Print Edition can be ordered from Barnes & Noble online or in stores:  Click to view on B&N website. This is the 2014 edition, titled Vanished: Flight 777 updated with the identical text as the 2016 second anniversary edition. Same book, first edition cover.

All editions (Amazon and B&N, 2014 and 2016) have a long, detailed introduction that refreshes us through 8 March 2016. Already, as of 12 March 2016, news sources report new debris finds in Africa, strengthening the author's Africa Gambit (Lemma 3, Hijack with malicious intent).

*Motto: I am quoting from an article seen in My Weekly Reader as an early adolescent around 11 years old, which has stuck with me all my life. It's an example of how a poet and novelist's imagination may be touched by random events and readings. NORAD was the U.S.-Canadian North American Air Defense Command, now styled North American Aerospace Defense Command. The Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line was (is) a string of RADAR stations across the North American continent around the Arctic Circle to warn against surprise attack from the Soviet Union, and now from Russia or other possible enemies (like whoever orchestrated the MH370 debacle). (END)


All Options Remain On The Table. In a careful scholarly manner, as I approach any investigation including the 1892 true crime at the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado Mystery, I keep all options on the table and approach my conclusions in a carefully nuanced, statistical manner. Unlike conspiracy paranoiacs, who are convinced of some extreme and dramatic story, I carefully lay out the odds as best possible. As an MBA type, I am trained to place numbers on the board, starting with whatever statistics are at hand, with the clear plan not to publish until I have reached some credible conclusions (never 100%, but always guardedly and carefully hedged). As always, and just so in the case of MH370, I have pondered the situation and found additional murky suggestions of possible coverup or collusion, which I mention without committing.

Lemma 3 My Choice. Mainly because the first two Lemmas in the case are so weak, I have leaned strongly toward Lemma 3 from the start (hijack with intent to weaponize and cause another 9/11 type event). The more the authorities failed to adequately pursue this leg, the more I have felt obligated to keep it (all options) on the table. My conclusion (Lemma 3) is that (most likely) the plane was hijacked by terrorists, with certain national intelligence services behind them, to be flown to a secret based on the lawless Horn of Africa, to be weaponized there. It would become a horrific bomb to be dropped on a major target for propaganda purposes, causing maximum death and cultural destruction. The guilty countries would never need to claim responsibility, but would let the usual wild-eyed fanatics take blame. Ultimately, the purpose would be to kill the myth of Western power in the eyes of billions of Third World citizens and turn them toward the radical, murderous doctrines of tyrannical regimes and religious sects (Muslim extremists like Daesh).

January 2017 Position. My position is stronger than ever that the hijack (which I believe it was) was not carried out simply by a few wild-eyed fanatics. There is a sense of sophistication (despite ultimate failure) about the affair. For example, I have to think that a decoy plane might have carried instruments south along the path later found (hacked? Putin's specialty? he's not the only) on Captain Shah's home computer. Please note: if you see the strange detour taken by Captain Shah in his last hours, which I have noted on this website among other amazing findings, you have to feel your skin crawling with the untold background of this story. Please, read my website and books with an open mind. The novel was a quick dramatization, meant to entertain as well as edify. It is not meant to be read literally, but simply as one possible way to execute Lemma 3.

Short Bio: John T. Cullen, a San Diego Author. I offer this information in the spirit that I have worked hard in the service of truth as a writer, traveler, and researcher. My credentials and degrees include a BA in English (University of Connecticut, Storrs); BBA in Computer Information Systems (including a minor in Accounting and Finance, National University in San Diego); M.S. in Business Administration (Boston University). I am an Active Duty veteran of two enlistments in the U.S. Army, during which I spent five years stationed at a major logistics command under USAREUR in West Germany. I have lived in multiple countries, speak several languages, have dual citizenship (U.S. and Luxembourg, therefore also European Union). Among my writings, I have translated Goethe's Faust (I) from German into English, as well as Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Verlaine, and many others; as well as Classics Major bits from Virgil, Ovid, Catullus, Caesar, Cicero, and more. I write novels under the pseudonyms John T. Cullen (thrillers), Jean-Thomas Cullen (my birth name; special projects of largely sentimental value), and John Argo (suspense, SF, historical fantasy, historical fiction). I write nonfiction under my English-language daily handle, John T. Cullen. I'll mentioin at least one other of my several SHIPS projects (Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight, like the MH370 enigma): my scholarly analysis (Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado; and the noir 1890s period novel closely based on it, Lethal Journey. To read about the 1892 true crime and resulting famous ghost legend surrounding the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego, see another special website of mine: Coronado Mystery.