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Back to page. You are on the main 2017 updates page. You'll find the latest news and information, plus a record of previous updates back to the vanishing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 on 8 March 2014. It's the most baffling mystery in aviation history—likely solved here. All options discussed—accident, sabotage, & hijack. Includes the fruitless search off western Australia. On the second anniversary of the vanishing, I released a new edition of the 2014 book with a lengthy new preface, titled Lemma 3: Africa Gambit

2017 Updates—Aviation's Greatest Mystery

2014 Novel Vanished: Flight 777

Updated 2016 in MH370 Lemma 3 (Africa Gambit)

Final Update Reported 3 October 2017 NPR—see also my 2017 update page. Prediction: it's not over. They only had to spend about $12.00 to read my book and probably would have had their answer. Looks like they have finally thrown in the towel. If they had found so much as a floating cigarette butt, or nose tissue with Malaysian Airlines logo on it, anywhere off the coast of Australia, I would probably have taken down this site. Their analysis was wrong, as the outcome proves, and that leaves only my scenario (Lemma 3). The problem is: those who tried to hijack MH370 to bomb Europe from their base in the Horn of Africa (where MH370 was being flown to, when reliable witnesses in Maldives clearly saw the aircraft)—they will try again, and maybe more successfully next time. That's why it's important to read my book—and my own updates, including what I call the intriguing and enigmatic Penang Diversion.

We've run out of news? [18 Aug 2017] NOTE: I have not seen any news items on major media since my last note on 9 Mar 2017.

(9 Mar 2017) What Do You Notice? Special Note: Penang Diversion 8 Mar 2014. Look at the map posted on CNN in their article dated 9 Mar 2017. Here is that same map in isolation for effect. As I pointed out in a 2016 update on on this page (scroll down to 1 July 2016), I had suddenly noticed a strange anomaly. Look at the top of the map, and notice that the path from "Area of last contact" westward to "last primary radar data" is not a straight line, but a suspiciously dog-legged one. In fact, the aircraft flew very deliberately southwest rather than west, hooked around Captain Ahmad Shah's home town of Penang, and then angled noticeably north-northwest toward that next critical point, north of the northwesternmost tip of Indonesia. We can only guess what this means. It could be a number of things, and they all remain guesses, but the observation is startling and significant. This does not take away from the plausibility of any of the three Lemmas (legs) I have kept on the table. It is yet another intriguing piece of the puzzle, and it appears I am the only person to date who has noticed this strange wrinkle. If nothing else, the Penang Diversion points out that the investigation by authorities has been incomplete, to put it charitably; and that forensic failure further underscores the plausibility of my Lemma 3 in conjunction with their very expensive search failure to date. This isn't about me; it's about making sure there isn't another 9-11 or worse resulting from a hijacked and weaponized airliner. Also: we may casually assume that such an operation is the work of some isolated religious fanatics; but I have come too think that MH370 was a covert project by hostile governments in the region, whose goal was and remains to badly cripple Western powers in this dangerous new world.

CNN Update 9 March 2017 CNN has posted this update (summary of where parts found) plus this overview on all that's happened the past three years (8 March 2017 is the third anniversary of disappearance on 8 March 2014). As I continue tirelessly to point out, not a single shred of MH370 wreckage (not even a toothpick) has been found anywhere remotely in the southeast Indian Ocean off the western coast of Australia, where vast resources were spent to no avail, and that search has now been suspended. Notice, however, that all the debris found has been on African shores. My Lemma3 proposal (hijack with malice, mission failed en route to Horn of Africa for weaponizing, crashed in northwestern Indian Ocean) is as plausible as any other, when drift patterns are analyzed. I published my proposal in June 2014, just three months after MH370 disappeared, based on information available then. My information has been reinforced by later findings, including all the pieces on or near southeastern Africa.

As Third Anniversary Approaches, Search Suspended but Families Push On Here is a CNN article dated 5 Mar 2017 reporting that the grieving families and survivors want to press on for answers in what is now the darkest mystery in aviation history. The world should press on with the search because if my Lemma3 is correct, those who hijacked MH370 may soon try again. The civilized world's intelligence services need to be ahead of the curve.

Families Continue to Demand Answers—and so does the world. Here is a 22 January 2017 CNN news story stating that "…families of victims on board missing flight MH370 said Sunday they plan to hand-deliver a petition and personal letters to Malaysia's transportation minister urging the search for the plane be resumed." Grieving relates want answers and closure. Relevant powers should make some effort to go beyond their failed theories and investigate every plausible idea including my comprehensive Lemma 3 as outlined on this website and in my two books.

Refresher: What's Lemma 3? Visit the 2015 Main Page and click on Contents to see the rich list of subjects in that year. Includes explanations of Lemmas 1, 2, and 3.


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Mystery of Vanished Flight MH370

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= A Dramatization (as a Novel) & Thought Experiment =

Lemma 3: MH370 Theory and Plausible Solution, Africa Gambit

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Amazon Kindle Edition:  Lemma 3 - MH370 Solution: Updated Edition with 2016 Second Anniverary Introduction - Africa Gambit Theory Stronger Than Ever

Amazon Print Edition:  Lemma 3: MH370 Solution: New 2nd Anniversary Update (8 March 2016 Introduction with Complete text of 2014 novel Vanished Flight 777 w

Print Edition can be ordered from Barnes & Noble online or in stores:  Click to view on B&N website. This is the 2014 edition, titled Vanished: Flight 777 updated with the identical text as the 2016 second anniversary edition. Same book, first edition cover.

All editions (Amazon and B&N, 2014 and 2016) have a long, detailed introduction that refreshes us through 8 March 2016. Already, as of 12 March 2016, news sources report new debris finds in Africa, strengthening the author's Africa Gambit (Lemma 3, Hijack with malicious intent).

Continued. Welcome to the 2017 update folder. This saga is far from over. As indicated on this site's main page, the authorities (Australian, Chinese, and Malaysian) appear to be throwing in the towel as of mid-January 2017. They have spent nearly three years, a fortune in funds, thousands of hours of crew time, wear and tear (but training time) on aircraft and vessels, and the result is zilch. My suggestion, based on evidence that was publicly available and then swept aside without justification, was to search in the northwestern Indian Ocean on the premise that Flight MH370 was hijacked with a grim and catastrophic purpose: weaponizing it to create a flying bomb and to drop it on a target of global visibility. Why? You have to ask the shadowy operatives of Dash, Al Quaeda, and maybe some major governments on the Asian continent; while you are doing that, don't forget to check in with Donald Dump's close friend and election assistant, Vladimir Putin. This story is far from over. You can read at least part of the next chapter on this website, and in my two books. I'll keep the updates coming as the news keeps breaking.